The AXIS Flight School Draw Generator 3.5 is online!

Created for competitors by competitors, the AXIS Flight School draw generator isScreen Shot 2017-08-27 at 6.06.48 AM already being utilized by the world’s top competitors and coaches. It is free to use by anyone, no sign up required, and has proven to be a great tool for competitors who wish to create a quick random draw for training purposes, or to visualize.

With competition teams and their coaches in mind, AXIS Flight School has taken the draw generator one step further. In addition to creating randomly generated competition draws for FS, VFS, MFS, XF, and CF*, coaches can now utilize the new «Training Camp» feature. This feature functions like a digital white board and lets coaches create a series of rounds from scratch, using any formation in any combination and as often as they need for a specific training purpose. Manually generated draws, like random competition draws, can be saved as PDF and sent out to team mates or students, for them to prepare for or to visualize.

Draw Generator 3.5 is mobile friendly and can be accessed at

Other features include:

–       Updated formation images for all freefall, tunnel, and canopy disciplines.

–       Easy access to the current competition rules and images.

–       FAI:IPC / USPA, IBA, NSL, CISM, USPA** collegiate disciplines which require a random draw generator (sky and tunnel).

–       Selecting different skill levels (e.g. open, advanced, etc.; when available).

–       Selecting different tunnel sizes (12, 14, or 16 feet; where applicable).

–       Saving any draw as PDFs (a detailed and a summary version are available).

*           FS = Formation Skydiving, VFS = Vertical Formation Skydiving, MFS = Mixed Formation Skydiving, XF = Cross Formation Skydiving (Canopy and Wingsuit; by AXIS), CF = Canopy Formation
**           FAI:IPC = International Parachuting Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, USPA = United States Parachute Association, IBA = International Bodyflight Association, NSL = National Skydiving League, CISM = Conseil International du Sport Militaire

2017 iFly Virginia Beach competition

On April 22-23rd, iFLY Virginia Beach hosted the first meet of the 2017 IBA series. This competition acted as the US Team Qualifier for the World Championships in Montreal in October. AXIS Flight School‘s Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel took part in the event, competing in both the 4-way FS and 4-way VFS categories in the open class.

4-way FS: Competing under the name “X-Defy”, which is a combination of two team names: X-Force and Defiance, Nik and Brianne competed with local Arizona skydivers Cris and Joe Howard.

18118963_1368762189860138_35918305711444487_n.jpg     17990821_1368102203259470_3354309909127132643_n.jpg

With only 3 hours of tunnel training over the past few weeks, the team finishing the meet with a 18.3 average over 10 rounds, placing 3rd.


iFLY VB 2017 4-way FS open podium

4-way FS open scores:

VB Belly scores.png

17990906_1367386066664417_6862929016996842220_n.jpg4-way VFS: Arizona X-FORCE managed to increase its competition average considerably since the XP Championships, just two month earlier – jumping from 21.3 to 23.7.

Unfortunately the team took a severe blow in round 3, loosing its 2nd place standing and dropping to 4th, which it could not recover from. In the end, Arizona X-FORCE lost the podium by 1 point to team Arsenal.

18057027_1368813059855051_6534761563739751006_n.jpg    18057167_1368926566510367_2564016461362102434_n.jpg

4-way VFS open scores:

VB VFS scores.png

VFS Rounds 1 and 2

FS rounds 5 -10, VFS round 3 starts at 1:14:55




Congratulations to all the teams that took part in this awesome event, and thanks to all of our sponsors for their continued support! Our next two major competitions will be the Skydiving World Cup (7-13 Aug) in Saarlouis Germany, followed by the USPA Nationals (20-23 Sep) at Skydive Perris California.



10 years and counting

It has been 10 years since I first started experimenting with creating skydive related educational videos. Back in 2006, the internet was a very different place. As connection/download speeds started to improve, and online videos become more prevalent, new platforms of communication started to emerge. One of these was called Expert Village; a site I was introduced to by a friend and co-worker of mine, Patrick Eaves of WingEnvy Paragliding.


At that time, there were only two vertical wind tunnel in the US: Orlando Florida and Perris California. Other wind tunnel designs, like flyaway in Las Vegas were available, but they did not offer the clean, wall-to-wall air flow that the newer Skyventure designs provided. This is what set Skyventure tunnels apart from their competitors, and is what made these tunnels so desirable to skydivers. They better replicated the feel of free fall, and skydivers were able to train with their personal equipment (jumps suits, helmets, and in some cases rigs if covered by a sleeve).

From 2005 – 2007 I was a full time tunnel instructor (IBA certified) and coach at the Perris Skyventure wind tunnel. During the time, many of the worlds best coaches would visit the Perris drop zone and tunnel to hold skills camps and organize events. This was the time and place to be if your goal was to train hard and learn a lot. I was fortunate enough to be able to fly with some of the most respected names in every discipline, and watch them coach for hours each day at close proximity. I quickly realized that each coach had their own personality, values, and way of teaching. I observed not only what they taught, but also how they connected with their students.

Personally, I am a very analytical person and like to pick concepts apart mentally, make predictions, and then test ideas practically. This has always driven my training and coaching style. The online tutorials presented an opportunity to not only market my services, but also forced me to think more critically about the information I was sharing. These early videos were low budget and shot in one afternoon without a real script to speak of. The idea was to make people aware of the newly arising discipline (tunnel flying), and to let people know that professional coaching was available.

Looking back at the 10 year old footage, I have to say that I still agree with most of the information that is being presented. It encapsulated my working knowledge, and what was taught during that time. However, my coaching process has evolved substantially over the years.

I am still actively engaged in creating online content such as tutorials and instructional videos on the AXIS Flight School YouTube channel, as well as through USPA’s monthly printed publication Parachutist.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 2.04.10 PM.png

Foundations of Flight is a monthly column that AXIS contributes to USPA Parachutist magazine. These how-to videos and articles are not just limited to free fall skills, but have been expanded on to also include canopy skills and much more.

Of course none of the tutorials have ever meant to be a substitute for professional coaching. They are meant to spark curiosity and provide some insight to a training method to jumpers who do not have access to professional coaching. They serve as an educational guideline and a small glimpse into what is out there.

sdaz_logo.pngIn 2010, AXIS moved its head quarters to Skydive Arizona, which is the perfect training ground for skydivers who want to sharpen their skills and learn at an accelerated pace. This is because the drop zone has great jumping weather year round, a massive fleet of aircraft, and a wind tunnel that is located on the drop zone. For more information about coaching or AXIS Flight School, contact us at Info[at]