Battle of the Blades at iFly Seattle

dbXpXtpuQKuGuOF8Nbs1qg.jpgOn December 8-9, AXIS Flight School and Arizona X-Force attended the indoor skydiving competition “Battle of the Blades” at iFly Seattle, Washington.


AXIS in seattle.jpg

Nik and Brianne (AXIS) during the 2-way VFS competition.

This was the the 3rd and final stop of the 2016 IBA (international body flight association) competition tour. The event was streamed live online where anyone could watch the athletes compete in their respective events.

Disciplines included: 2way FS, 4way FS, 2way VFS ,4way VFS, D2W, D4W, Freestyle, and Freestyle Junior.

The following words are by the IBA.

2way FS

The meet kicked off Thursday afternoon with 2way FS, with 4 teams in the #battleoftheblades – from professional skydivers Axis to pick-up team 11-year-old Elijah and Sally. Axis ultimately scored the gold medal, whereupon they decided to kindly donate their winnings to second place winners, Team Squared, a pair of teenage twins out of iFLY Sacramento.

2way VFS

2way VFS, the 3-time most popular event at IBA meets, where 17 teams competed across all 4 classes. Team Blue Knees won Rookie with a 16.5 average, Intermediate gold was captured by Brad & Stryker with a 15-point lead, Advanced was won by Natalie & Leecoming in with exactly 100 points after 6 rounds, and Open was nabbed by the indisputable champs Josh & Mikey of CollectiveCollective also took gold at the Rosemont meet, however their total increased by an impressive 42 points in Seattle.

4way VFS

4way VFS also featured 4 teams, with Arizona XForcegrabbing the gold with a total of 166 points, 41 more points than 2nd place team Pantene Cartel and exactly 100 points over third place team Kill Bill.

2-way VFS.png4-way VFS.png

AXIS completed the 2-way VFS discipline with a 23.5 average, while Arizona X-Force finished the 4-way VFS category with a 20.75 average.

battle of the blades medals.jpg

For all competition scores, please visit the In time scoring website.



Body-flight Theory

I would like to thank Lesley Gale at Skydivemag for publishing a series of papers I have put together about body-flight. These articles highlight some observations I have made over the years while skydiving and tunnel-flying.  eWxDSf7eTpW-Y_4dg6Du3w.jpg

The ideas presented in the paper are a type of bookkeeping that can outline the different ways a skydiver or tunnel flyer can move in the air. The language developed and its use are meant to best represent the activity, and help lay a theoretical concept or knowledge foundation.

Here are the 4 installments:

  • Episode 1 – The Axis system and Frames of reference
  • Episode 2 – Six directions of movement, Orientation borders and Range of motion
  • Episode 3 – Move combinations, including Multi-axis combinations
  • Episode 4 – Terminators, Real world applications and Conclusion
Episode 4 will complete part 1 of this BodyFlight Theory paper, the Skydiving Coordinate System. Other parts will be subsequently added to cover theory and application for all human flight disciplines, through understanding the principles of human flight.

I invite comments, contributions and critique in order to advance the theoretical knowledge of the sport of body-flight (please send to