Congratulations Brad!

Just got word that Brad from Australia received his Free Fly Crest! Achieving this enables the jumper to participate in jumps with more than three people. Check out the video below!


2011 Holiday Boogie Schedule

December 24 (Saturday):
**Day one! Cheap jumps, load organizers and beer truck all begin and continue all boogie! **FREE appetizers at the Bent Prop from 6-9 PM.

December 25 (Sunday):
**Christmas day with your Arizona Family!
**Yummy holiday dinner special at the Bent Prop.

December 26 (Monday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, Arsenal, AXIS)
**Canopy safety seminar relating to canopy flight at Skydive Arizona during the boogie in the main hangar at 6:00pm

December 27 (Tuesday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, Arsenal, AXIS)
**Arizona Women’s FS State Record Warm ups

December 28 (Wednesday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, Arsenal, AXIS)
**Arizona Women’s FS State Record Attempts
**Giant Bonfire in the Desert: Hotdog roast included!

December 29 (Thursday):
**Load Organizing 4 way FS and VFS competitions (Belly flyers will compete against hoedown flyers using a special dive pool)
**Talent show! Got talent? Bring it!!! Very silly things will happen—–be afraid

December 30 (Friday):
**Load Organizing (Airspeed, AXIS)
**Arsenal Vertical Squentials

January 31 (Saturday):
**8 way speed competition (belly and head down teams can play and compete against each other)
**New Year’s party in the Bent Prop, live band outside, DJ inside—–OH, IT’S ON!
**New Year’s midnight jump and Champaign ride in the DC3
**Balloon drop at midnight in the Bent Prop under the circus tent

January 1 (Sunday):
**The awesomeness will kick off at 10:00am with load one (we can all have a sleep-in)
**Random fun organizing

For more information, please visit the Skydive AZ website.

2011 USPA Nationals Scores

Here are all the scores from the USPA Nationals, courtesy of 90Percent!

(WebNews Wednesday, 30 November 2011 – Pages 19 – 39)

2011 USPA National Championships in Eloy Arizona

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) held its National Skydiving Championships at Skydive Arizona in late October and early November 2011. Competitors enjoyed near-perfect weather throughout and performed many complex maneuvers in a range of categories, including 4-way, 8-way, 10-way, and 16-way formation skydiving; vertical formation skydiving; canopy formation; freefall style & accuracy landing; and the artistic events of freeflying and freestyle. USPA Director of Competition Jim Hayhurst said, “It was a stellar competition; 576 competitors made over 14,000 jumps in 10 action-filled days. USPA awarded 109 gold medals to our 2011 national champions and selected 57 skydivers to our 2012 United States Parachute Team. Deserving special mention was the participation of a young man named Jarrett Martin, a paraplegic who took part in the style and accuracy events and whose courage and competitive spirit inspired us all.” Many of the championship activities can be seen at In addition to the National Championships, Skydive Arizona also hosted the annual Halloween Boogie at the same time! Here are some of my selects from the Nationals as well as the costume party:

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