Quick Clips, Eloy 4

Another great video by Dean Perrine. Check out his last Skydive AZ trip with friends. RedBull required!!!


Attention Skydiving Ladies!

Hey all Skydiving Ladies attending the Eloy Christmas boogie. On Dec 27 and 28 we will be having a fun Arizona Women’s State Belly Record. Freeflyers welcome!!! Last year we did a 27 way. Come and join the fun and register ASAP!

In addition, on January 27th – 29th 2012, Skydive Arizona will be hosting the very first SIS (Sisters in Skydiving) event! Big sisters are setting up a slumber-party style event especially for little sisters. Geared to women with 200 jumps or less.  This event is a great opportunity for young female skydivers to meet vendors and big sisters! Please contact Lisa Mazzetta at lisamariemaz@gmail.com for more information.