Kirby Chambliss at Skydive Arizona

logo-headerHere are some of my selects of RED BULL pilot Kirby Chambliss, putting on an airshow over Skydive Arizona during the Halloween Boogie.

Kirby performs a Cobra next to the Skyventure Arizona wind tunnel in Eloy, AZ.

Kirby performs a Cobra next to the Skyventure Arizona wind tunnel in Eloy, AZ.

Arizona X-FORCE takes 3rd at the 2015 USPA Nationals!

aznats2015The 2015 USPA Nationals were held at Skydive Arizona (SDAZ) in Eloy, AZ. In the 4-way VFS category there were 6 teams in open, and 4 in advanced – a similar turnout to the previous year.

One year ago, Arizona X-Force took 4th place at the 2014 USPA Nationals in Chicago with a 3.0 average. After a line up change, completing close to 400 training jumps at Skydive Arizona, and spending about 30 hours in the Skyventure Arizona wind tunnel, the team was able to improve their competition average to a 13.13 in just one season.

Arizona X-FORCE

Arizona X-FORCE (Team 2005) from left to right: Seth Studer, Johnny Gunn, Kevin Mitchell, Brianne Thompson, Niklas Daniel. Photo by David Cherry.

Here is a look at the draw for the open devision:

  1. B-9-11
  2. K-C-D-17
  3. N-L-M-F-J
  4. i-2-12
  5. 8-10-7
  6. 14-5-1
  7. 16-15-13
  8. H-G-A-6
  9. 4-3-E (tie breaker round)


SDC Core and AZ Arsenal ended up taking the first two spots on the podium with a 19 point difference between each other. There was an exciting fight to the finish between Arizona X-Force and the ARMY Golden Knights, as they battled for the bronze. Both teams were tied going into the last round, with a very challenging jump to boot. In the end, X-Force managed to put two more points on the board than the Knights, securing their 3rd place finish.

For more in-depth information, please visit omniskore, and for more media coverage check out SkydiveTV.

Score sheet

Arizona X-Force would like to thank Skydive Arizona, Skyventure Arizona, and all of our equipment sponsors who made this successful training season possible.


Teams from left to right: Arizona Arsenal (2nd), SDC Core (1st), Arizona X-FORCE (3rd)